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Our monitoring services are a combination of cutting-edge search technology and human 'intelligent' filtering that enables clients to track, monitor and evaluate the latest political & legislative developments.

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Why Dods Monitoring?

Political intelligence is the fundamental starting point for every public affairs campaign.

We deliver timely and accurate information on Parliamentary, governmental and stakeholder activity. This allows public affairs professionals to identify their objectives, set strategies, and benchmark their effectiveness.

The Dods Monitoring service is tailored to each client’s individual requirements and is regularly updated by an account manager.

Our pedigree – Unrivalled

  • 20 years experience in UK and EU monitoring
  • Parliamentary profiles continually updated by MPs, Peers and Civil Servants
  • Working relationship with Parliamentarians
  • Dods services sit on the Parliamentary intranet

How we monitor

Develop a brief – We consult each client to understand their specific public affairs objectives and agree how best to deliver the information.

Filter the information – We intelligently analyse the information to provide accurate monitoring which saves you time.

Ensure delivery - Information is accessible via email or online at our personalised site.

Give unrestricted access – At Dods we recognise that political developments have wide ranging impact, for this reason our services are available to your whole organisation, we do not limit access on a user licence basis like some competitors.

Make personal contact - Your designated monitoring consultant is available for ad hoc research requests.

Our sources include:

  • Westminster
  • Whitehall
  • European Parliament
  • Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Welsh Assembly
  • Scottish Parliament
  • Greater London Assembly
  • Broadcast, TV and Radio
  • Stakeholder websites and press releases

Our clients include:

  • Top Public Affairs agencies
  • Established charities
  • Blue chip companies
  • Unions
  • Trade associations
  • Think tanks
  • NGOs
  • Financial institutions
  • Universities
  • Embassies
  • Libraries
  • Councils
  • Local authorities
  • Leisure industries
  • Civil Service Departments


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